Apprentice with 30 Powerful Modern Shamans
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Are You a Modern Shaman?
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Shamanism is a practice that involves a practitioner reaching altered states of consciousness in order to perceive and interact with the spirit world and channel these transcendental energies into this world. A shaman is a person regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of benevolent and malevolent spirits, who typically enters into a trance state during a ritual, and practices divination and healing.

A modern shaman is a person who is able to regularly visit the Spirit World and non-ordinary states of consciousness, and uses the the wisdom, insight and power accessed in these states to transform society and heal the planet.

[+] Ayahuasca healing in modern culture

[+] The power of walking in both worlds to activate planetary change 

[+] What visionary mushrooms have to teach us 

[+] How to access Ancient Egyptian deities as your trusted allies

[+] The keys to cultivating plant allies in a modern world 

[+] The frog-medicine path for wellness & transformation 

[+] The power of crystals and how to use them...and so much more!

Your Shamanic Guides
Lorna Liana

The Shamanic Secrets to Purpose, Power, & Prosperity

Marie Mbouni

How to Access Your Innate Power with Shamanic Practices

Michael Stone

Shape Shifting into Living a Life You Love

Jocelyn Mercado

Redesigning Consciousness: Embracing the Sacredness of Nature & Ourselves

Kouros Alaee

Plant Allies: Exploring Plant Spirit Medicine

Jennifer Sodini

How Dreams & Intuition Can Guide our Daily Life

Itzhak Beery

How Vision Heals: Shamanic Practices for Mind & Body

Nicki Scully

Accessing Ancient Egyptian Dieties As Spiritual Allies

Enter the Path to Visionary Leadership
Beth Leone

Kambo and Transformative Wellness

Carlos Tanner

Understanding the Ayahuasca Tradition: Bridging Paradigms

Ara Campbell

Opening to Natural Energy for Healing & Harmony

Leyolah Antara

Rising the Inner Serpent - Kundalini & Sexual Energy for Embodied Transformation

Dr. Steven Farmer

Healing Ancestral Karma

Simone Wright

Vision-eering - Using the Power of Intuition & Alchemy to Create your Highest Good

Christina Pratt

Becoming the Medicine for Our Time

Whitney Freya

Shamanic Painting & Creativity

Ready to Rise Up As a New Earth Warrior?
Tamarack Song 

Shamanic Tools for Mending the Tortured Mind

Meghan Gilroy

The 3 Secrets of a Soul-Powered Entrepreneur

Amber Zuckswert

Secrets To Hosting Successful Sacred Retreats

John Perkins

Shamanic Shapeshifting in a Complex Modern World

Nijole Sparkis

Finding and Healing Your Shadow

Aliky Kouroupis

Keys to Finding Your Life Mission & Purpose

Rachael Sessions

Living Your Life as a Sacred Ceremony

Emily Stroia

Mediumship & How the World of Spirit Works

Your Visionary Purpose Awaits You
Yamile Yemoonyah

The 7 Kinds Of Spirit Guides & How To Consciously Communicate With Yours

Shonagh Home

Mushroom Shamanism & Mediumship

Sophie Moon

Keys to Carrying Sacred Plant Medicines Outside Their Native Culture

Jonathon Miller Weisberger

The Integral Science of Yagé

Rak Razam

The Return of the Toad: Bufo Alvarius in Modern Shamanic Healing

Ixeeya Lin

Restore Pleasure & Power Through Shamanic Womb Dance Meditations

Meagan Ruppert

Radically Transform Your Life & Reveal Your Soul Purpose Through Story